Top 5 Reasons for not Achieving Results with your Diet!


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Did you know that if you abuse those foods that are considered healthy it is possible that you cannot achieve the expected results with respect to your diet? Being in constant search of methods that allow you to eliminate the extra Weight is a task that involves time, effort and a lot of perseverance. In this process, there are people who reach their ideal size, but if you do not achieve results with your diet, calm! Here we are going to help you. Overweight people begin this work with different objectives, including improving the appearance of their figure, but also to develop a better quality of life. However, there are factors that can prevent the development of the diet is successful.

There are diets of all kinds. With carbohydrates, without them, vegetarian, a week or a month and much more. The dilemma knows which one suits your needs and how to control the achievement of the results so that you do not fall into stagnation, an uncomfortable situation. If you feel identified, continue reading and know the 5 reasons why you do not achieve results with your diet.

Genes Influence the Results with Your Diet

Before going into detail, it is convenient that you understand the following: our genes are determinants in this process of losing weight. There are genes that influence the level of the metabolism of people in different ways. So you can detect people who have a higher metabolism than others. Or,

“from another perspective, there are people with more tendencies to store fat than others, despite having a similar diet and lifestyle”.

That’s why there are cases of people who have gained weight despite following a diet low in carbohydrates. Knowing our body is necessary to achieve the established objectives. Fortunately, each individual can find a food plan that adapts to their characteristics and works effectively for as long as possible. Now you understand why professional advice is necessary.

Reasons Why You Cannot Achieve Results with Your Diet

1. Count the Calories and Not the Nutritional Contribution of Each Food

Counting the calories of food is one of the pillars when it comes to carrying out a diet to lose weight. However, it is not the only thing that must be taken into account. Also, it is necessary to assess the quality of the nutrients it provides. On the other hand, not all foods that add fewer calories are ideal to add to the menu. In fact, some nutritionists claim that women should aim to consume 1200 calories per day and 1500 men. For this, you must ensure that each food you consume contributes, in combination with others, all the macro nutrients that your body needs. Read the product label and research about them. Thus, your organism will work optimally the rest of the day.

2. Zero Diets on Weekends

In the food plans there is the figure of indulgences. These are moments in which you can eat a sweet or a “forbidden” food. Normally, they recommend it once a week. Everything depends on the characteristics and objectives of the person. Now, if the regime includes indulgences on a daily basis or the entire weekend, we assure you that you will not achieve results with your diet. Eat a little more at dinner or a glass of wine during the weekend will not cause problems. It will make him drink a bottle or devour a whole pizza. All the work of the week will be lost due to the exaggerated amount of calories.

3. Forget or Avoid Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the most common mistakes you can make when you want to lose weight. Starting the day with a good breakfast will allow you to balance hunger throughout the day. Eating few calories at the first meal will make you eat more in the following. You will not feel satiety and you will lack energy and motivation to fulfill your activities. In addition, healthy breakfast accelerates metabolism and helps burn fat.

4. You Choose Poorly the Sources of Protein

Genetically, human beings react in different ways to food. There are protein sources that are high in saturated fat levels (including pork and beef). Therefore, to lose weight it is advisable to consume the proteins provided by fish, poultry, legumes and tofu.

5. Abuse of Good Fats

Everything in excess is bad. That is a premise that is fulfilled in any aspect of life and much more in food. If you do not achieve results with your diet maybe it is because you consume many servings a day of the foods that you consider healthy. For example, olive oil is a good fat that maintains the condition of your heart in optimum conditions, as explained by the Spanish Heart Foundation. However, if for this reason you choose to consume it in many portions a day, you will be making a serious mistake. You must control fats, both bad and good. Eat them in acceptable quantities. Why abuse?

These are five reasons that may be preventing you from losing weight. Errors that you can perhaps commit without noticing, but that influence your results in the same way. We recommend that you plan each meal and that you research the foods you eat. Remember that fruits and vegetables can not miss. They contain vitamins and minerals that will help you to nourish you and to feel satiety. If you do not achieve results with your diet, review these aspects, change what you consider necessary and ask a specialist for help.


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