7 tips to Avoid not gaining weight over the weekend

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The weekend plans can become the main obstacle to maintaining a healthy weight, so you have to be careful not to ruin the diet in those days. To take care of the figure it is convenient to adopt some strategies to not gain weight over the weekend. While it is clear that good habits must be maintained daily, there are people who let themselves be carried away by those “temptations” of rest days. Although sometimes it seems harmless to eat the odd sandwich, its sugar content, fat and other substances can ruin the efforts made in the daily diet. In fact, this is one of the impediments to losing weight despite eating well the rest of the week.

However, it is not about taking everything to extremes and making prohibitions. Rather, it is to follow some simple recommendations to moderate the calories and avoid excesses. What should you do to not gain weight over the weekend? We’ll tell you then.

Strategies that help you not gain weight over the weekend

The plans that are made over the weekend come hand in hand with a lot of temptations that can ruin the diet. Many have enough willpower and manage to get to Monday without having altered their regular diet. Others, on the other hand, feel remorse because they are aware that both the drinks and the chosen meals added too many calories. The good news is that there are several useful tips for not gaining weight over the weekend and maintaining a balance in the diet. Point!

1.Do not save calories

One of the big mistakes that ruin the diet is to believe that you can “save calories” by ignoring the main meals. This bad habit is common during the weekend, because many think that if they stop eating well in the day they can enjoy at night.

However, the truth is that skipping breakfast or lunch can be counterproductive to health and weight. Not only does it lower the energy level, but it also leads to a feeling of anxiety that makes you eat more calories than you should.

2.Control excesses

Learning to control the excesses at parties and outings is essential to not gain weight over the weekend. The fact of being able to rest and make a different plan does not have to be a synonym of eating badly and in large quantities.

It is true that temptations abound in restaurants, movies, parties and almost any other place that can be visited; however, we must learn to be moderate, especially when we know that there is a risk of ruining the other efforts of the diet.

3.Eat healthy before leaving home

To enjoy weekend plans, you do not always have to eat outside the home. While it is not bad to visit a restaurant occasionally, it is best to eat healthy before leaving to be satisfied and not have to eat “anything” outside.

4.Choose healthy snacks

As every day, on Saturdays and Sundays snacks should be held to control the feeling of hunger that appears between meals. Now, as the goal is not to gain weight over the weekend, the recommendation is to prepare healthy snacks, according to the diet.

A small handful of nuts, a vegetable sandwich or a fruit smoothie may be enough to calm those cravings. These options can replace packaged chips and snacks that add too many calories and few nutrients.

5.Do physical activity

There is no specific day to do physical exercise; In fact, many take advantage of the weekend for their practice, especially when there is not so much time during the rest of the week. In addition, there are different ways of doing sports activities on the weekend:

  • Go for a walk
  • Take a bike ride
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Go to swimming
  • Jogging in the park
  • Dancing or going to Zumba

6.Keep the routine in the morning

Altering the morning routine on weekends can cause several negative reactions that affect body weight. First, sleeping too much decreases energy, increasing the need to eat more calories throughout the day.

It also alters the breakfast schedule, one of the most important meals to maintain optimal energy expenditure. Getting up at the usual time avoids these out of control and is a good opportunity to practice healthy habits such as exercise.

7.Be careful with drinks

Monitoring the consumption of beverages helps to not gain weight over the weekend, especially when the plans are partying. Although many overlook it, soft drinks, cocktails and alcoholic beverages add calories that affect the figure.

Are you worried about gaining kilos due to the carelessness of the weekend? Then follow these simple tips. As you can see, it is not about being too strict, but about learning to be moderate even if there are temptations.

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