How can You Avoid cholesterol by Making a healthy diet?

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When adopting a healthy diet to avoid cholesterol we should not suppress any type of food, but it is advisable to reduce those that contain it in excess.

“The adoption of a healthy diet is one of the pillars to avoid cholesterol”.

Although there are many factors involved in their accumulation in the arteries, eating foods of high nutritional quality is key both to prevent it and to control it. The subject has become relevant in recent years, since the excess of this lipid is part of the so-called “silent killers” of the body. Its lack of control causes damage to the cardiovascular system and also to other vital organs. The most worrisome is that many people downplay it and, despite medical warnings, continue to maintain inappropriate diets that include foods that contain it in abundance. Luckily, just as some foods can raise their levels, there are others whose properties facilitate their removal from the arteries to prevent them from forming plaque or obstructions.

Do you know how to design a diet to avoid this problem? If you are worried about the accumulation of this substance, do not miss the recommendations that we give you below.

Why is it Important to Take Measures to Avoid Cholesterol?

There are many ways to improve your diet to avoid cholesterol. However, first of all, it is essential to clarify the role played by this lipid in some vital functions of the organism. Cholesterol is a type of fat that is part of all cell membranes; it occurs naturally in the liver, but it is also found in a wide variety of foods for regular consumption. In addition, this substance intervenes in the production of some hormones, the synthesis of vitamin D and the formation of bile acids that help digest fat. The problem occurs when the body produces it in excess, or when its levels rise due to the daily consumption of foods that contain it. Its retention in the arteries leads to the formation of hard plaques that can cause blockages, which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Healthy Diet to Avoid Cholesterol

To avoid cholesterol, many aspects of lifestyle must be improved. However, according to the data of the Heart Foundation, one of the keys is undoubtedly food. A diet reduced in fat and calories, based on organic foods such as fruits and vegetables, decreases the presence of this lipid in the arteries. In turn, increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL), recognized for its benefits against hypercholesterolemia.

Prohibited Foods to Avoid Cholesterol

As we already mentioned, cholesterol can come from some foods. For this reason, as a first step, it is essential to identify and avoid those ingredients that contain it.

  • Red meats
  • Whole Dairy
  • Butter, margarine and cream.
  • Yolk
  • Processed meats (sausages).
  • Simple sugars
  • Bakery products.
  • Saturated oils
  • Lard

Recommended Foods to Avoid Cholesterol

A good diet to avoid cholesterol should not suppress nutritional groups. Like any healthy eating plan, it must contain a variety of foods that can help meet the body’s requirements.

  • Cereals and also legumes.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Fatty fish (sources of omega 3).
  • Seeds and nuts.
  • Olive oil, canola or also rapeseed.

Healthy Diet Model to Avoid Cholesterol

The main measure to prevent cholesterol through the diet is to limit the intake of foods containing this substance in high amounts to the maximum. Then, just enough to design healthy menus from the recommended foods. Here we share a simple diet model to avoid cholesterol, with which you can have a reference to design a balanced plan and, in addition, healthy against this problem.


  • A glass of orange juice and a plate of chopped fruit with oat flake.
  • A coffee with skim milk, and an integral toast with tomato slices and olive oil.
  • A bowl with whole grains, almond milk and, in addition, a banana.


  • A bowl with chopped strawberries.
  • Five nuts and a chopped apple.
  • Five nuts and also a slice of pineapple.


  • A plate of lentils, baked salmon and, in addition, a slice of melon.
  • Half plate of grilled vegetables, grilled breast and an orange.
  • A plate of mixed salad baked chicken, portion of brown rice and chopped apple.


  • A cup of fruit infusion and fruit salad.
  • A glass of vegetable milk and, in addition, four integral crackers.
  • Also a bowl of grapes.


  • A grilled eggplant, a slice of baked salmon and also a slice of wholemeal bread.
  • A plate of artichokes with garlic, baked hake and a peach.
  • A bowl of green salad and a diced brisket.

Did your cholesterol levels go bad at your last checkup? Do you have a family history? If you are worried about suffering from the accumulation of this substance, do not hesitate to put into practice all these recommendations to avoid it with the diet. It is necessary that you go to a specialist if you have this condition. This will be responsible for recommending the best treatment.

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