Detox Juices: Benefits To Lose Weight And Disadvantages

Ring Relief Ultra Lutenol CilexinIf you want to include detox juices in your food routine, then you should know their benefits and disadvantages. Here we explain them to you.

Wanting to be and look healthy is a day-to-day affair. The detox label has invaded our daily lives and now we attend the food market looking for the most natural products. The famous detox juices have driven us to drink, eat and think green.

This tendency has been promoted by movie stars, singers, models and influencers. This has had a great influence on many people who, currently, are increasingly concerned about eating a healthier diet.

There are many benefits that this movement brings food, from weight loss to the purification of the body. However, there are also several disadvantages that involve feeding only on detox juices. We will see both points below.

Benefits of detox juices for diet

The benefits of detox juices lie in the way of preparation and the amount of fruits and vegetables that are going to be combined.

You should know that their properties will not make a real effect if the eating habits do not change and they are maintained over time. Now, its benefits are the following:

1.They contain fiber

The juices are made with vegetables and fruits, and these are very rich in fiber. Increase fiber intake is very positive and beneficial for your diet.

The interesting thing is to make detox shakes with fruits richer in fiber or combine with each other. This will help keep our intestines clean and improve your intestinal transit if you suffer from constipation.

2.They provide many macronutrients

Detox juices contain several macro nutrients that are very beneficial. Among them, we can mention the following:

  • Magnesium: necessary to produce energy and to carry out other physiological processes.
  • Calcium: important for bones and in cases of muscle contractions and nerve transmission.
  • Manganese: our mitochondria need this nutrient to stay healthy.
  • Folic acid: avoids cardiovascular problems.
  • Betaine: Acts in the processes of liver clearance.

3.You will not even notice that you are consuming vegetables

For many people the taste of vegetables is intolerable. Fortunately, detox juices will forget this detail.

If this also happens to you, you can consume your vitamins and minerals without feeling any rejection towards vegetables, since these juices are delicious.

4.All in one glass

These juices are a great natural medicine. It is not unreasonable to say that they have a certain resemblance to supplements that provide many vitamins with a single intake.

Maybe with daily routine complicate consuming all the nutrients that our body needs during the day. However, with the green juices you will have them all in a single glass.

5.Preserves nutrients from food

In the process of preparation of detox juices, no heat is generated, so that fruits and vegetables retain their properties.

The cooking of the food diminishes its natural benefits and this means that you cannot take advantage of all the nutrients it contains.

Disadvantages of detox juices

Despite all the advantages of consuming detox juices, then we will see some disadvantages if we decide to base our diet on this food strategy.

1.The chewing process is not met

This is the first step of the digestive process. It is the signal that is sent to the brain to indicate that it was time to receive food.

Skipping this action regularly is not recommended. In the long term, it can generate some disorders in your body.

2.Promotes excessive consumption of glucose or fructose

Fruits are very rich in glucose and fructose. Therefore, abuse of this type of juice can cause you to accumulate fat in your body.

This does not mean that it is not positive to include them in the diet. However, basing your diet only on these juices may not give you the results you’re looking for.

3.They will give you more desire to eat

Although detox juices are very nutritious, if you do not consume any solid food for days, your stomach will start to hurt from hunger.

The reason is that the juices have a very easy digestive process. That is why, although when you drink them you will be satisfied, after an hour you will be hungry again. This will cause you to consume many juices with the consequent gain of kilos due to the accumulation of fat.

4.Lack of protein

If you only consume detox juices, you may start experiencing nausea, fatigue and headaches. In addition, you will begin to lose muscle mass.

The reason for this is that they do not provide protein and this deficit can cause all those unpleasant symptoms. For this reason, it is better to use detox shakes when you do a fast or when you want to clean your bowels.

Recommendations for a good detox juice

  • Prepare your detox games with 2 or 3 vegetables for 1 piece of fruit. This will not generate increases in glycemia.
  • Varies the ingredients. Use seasonal vegetables and fruits. Prioritize those that are fresh.
  • Look for a liquid base, like cucumbers or celery. Add green leaves, such as spinach, and finish with a sweet fruit, may be peach or strawberries.

As you have seen, detox juices are a great option to accompany the diet. But keep in mind that this should not be the only thing you consume since the body needs all the nutrients for its proper functioning. Drink it only when you need to purify your body and not for fashion.

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