What are the 5 Practical Tips that Relieves Joint Pain?

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Know what are the most appropriate dietary guidelines to relieve joint pain. Surely it has ever happened to you, get up in the morning as if you had made a great effort at night, it is difficult for you to move your hands and, when you go down the stairs you feel punctures in the knees. How can we relieve the insufferable joint pain? We give you simple tips below for you to apply to your day to day.

Tricks to Relieve Joint Pain

Many people suffer from joint pain, a reality caused by arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis … It is true that it is not always possible to completely eliminate pain and that we have to learn to live with it, but what we can do Doing is to follow some basic strategies and reduce your pain.

“What is more important: obtain a better quality of life”.

We will always have to follow the advice of our doctors, and not to overdo too much with the consumption of medicines such as anti-inflammatories, since sometimes we will also end up suffering its side effects. We assure you that there are simple natural remedies that can help you a lot. Do you want to know them? Revision
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1. Take Ginger Daily

A study conducted by the University of Miami tells us that taking two capsules a day of ginger helps us to reduce inflammation of the joints and to alleviate pain. In fact, the properties of ginger are very similar to those of ibuprofen itself but without the consequent side effects. These ginger tablets can be found in natural stores or health food stores, it is normal to take two a day. Anyway, you know that you can also resort to the classic infusion. Grate the equivalent of one tablespoon of the ginger root itself, and bring it to a boil with a cup of water. Take it in the morning and in the afternoon,

2. Beware of Certain Foods

Take note of the following foods that we are going to detail, it is best to eliminate them or take them in very few quantities to alleviate joint pain:

  • Dairy: They are not a contraindicated food, although they contain an element called casein that favors the inflammation of the joints. If you suffer from joint problems, start thinking about reducing them for the sake of your health and your quality of life.
  • Red meat: It is not recommended if you usually have problems in the joints.
  • Wheat: There are recent studies that tell us that wheat and many cereals that contain this known element called gluten usually cause inflammation in the joints of people suffering from arthritis Solution? Reduce this element in your diet to see if doing so, you find relief. There are people who do not notice changes, but there are others who do recognize having a better quality of life by having eliminated gluten.
  • Eggs: we will also take care of their consumption. And, being an animal product, the eggs contain arachidonic acid in its yolk, an element that also favors the inflammatory process, and that sometimes makes us feel bloated and sore. It is true that eggs are very healthy and full of proteins, but these animal proteins sometimes have unexpected effects.
  • Beware of the Solanaceae: does the name sound? When we speak of Solanaceae, we refer, for example, to tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, cold vegetables that can cause musculoskeletal stiffness, which sometimes favor migraines, as well as joint inflammation. And is that everything is due to a toxic alkaloid called solanine, a compound that can aggravate inflammation, especially in people who already have the disease. The best vegetables you can consume are, for example, carrots.

3. Yes to Green Tea in the Morning

Are you that green tea fanatic? Its polyphenols (antioxidants) have proven to be great allies when it comes to preventing and mitigating the effects of osteoarthritis. So you know, never forget a glass of green tea at your breakfast.

4. Your Great Ally: Vitamin E

Surely you’ve heard about it, its effects are wonderful to solve the effects of osteoarthritis and it is considered a real medicine. The quantities will already be scheduled in the box of tablets or capsules when you buy them in your natural store or at your pharmacy. You know that you can also find vitamin E in most green leafy vegetables, but in order to get the right dose it is always better to use capsules. Surely in your pharmacy you can find them.

5. Foods that can Reduce Pain

Improving our quality of life is essential. And this is achieved with a good diet, and with nutrients that reduce our joint pain. Do you want to know what guidelines to follow?

  • Always eat fresh foods: Say no to industrial foods, as they contain elements that promote our joint inflammation.
  • Nuts: walnuts, almonds, pistachios. They give us energy and they are very healthy.
  • Lemon juice: it gives us antioxidants, and it is very suitable if we take it for example in the mornings.
  • Cod liver oil: Thanks to its oils rich in omega 3, it has been shown to be very effective for all those who suffer from joint problems. So do not hesitate to include a teaspoon daily in your diet.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar: Relieves pain and is highly recommended for our health.
  • Quinoa and amaranth grains: Have you ever tried them? They are a super food, wonderful grains that will bring you great benefits for your health and that day by day; they will also relieve your joint pain.

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