Recipes for Diets that will to Lose Weight by Eating More!

 Today is the day destined to start a healthy diet to lose weight? Here we show you the recipes for diets that will achieve your goal. But in addition, we tell you some secrets that will gladden you the decision to live better than you have taken today. It is possible that you have decided other times to start a diet and although they worked for a few days, the kilos have returned and in less time. That is called rebound effect and has its reason for being. By understanding why our body reacts in that way we can avoid it.  The secret lies in learning to choose our foods better, learn to combine them and the quantities. You will see how with these recipes for low weight diets without going through hunger or tremendous sacrifices of extreme exercise routines, to which many people, submit.

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Eat More to Lose Weight

Although it sounds ridiculous it is totally true and it has no deception. It is about choosing foods that have volume, provide satiety, nutrition and fewer calories. Are there such foods? Definitely yes!

Do Not Eliminate Foods from Your Diet

Do not eliminate food from your recipes for diets; replace them with others, but not definitively. For example, replace an alfajor with a fruit salad, but not forever. That is, it does not mean that you will never eat gingerbread in your life. Just leave the alfajor to eat it at another time, a holiday or a day you want to treat yourself for having completed a week of a healthy diet. Varies each of the menus displayed in the recipes for diets, this way you will not get bored and you will feel very comfortable eating healthily.

Small Goals, Big Objectives

What is important is that you are willing to pay attention to the decisions you have made. If today you decided to change french fries for a voluminous vegetable salad, you have to comply. This will help you to have small daily goals that will become big changes in the long term . Not only at the nutritional level but in all the orders of life.

Eat Rich Things

The sugar you are looking for is not only found in desserts with a lot of fat, such as ice cream or croissants. It is also found in some foods with far fewer calories such as fruits. That is, you do not need to eat bland foods to lose weight. You just have to choose wisely foods that are rich and have less fat. Open up to new flavors, experience new combinations of fruits and vegetables. Change the sugar for artificial or natural sweeteners. Build your own recipe menu for diets with healthier foods. But that they are rich for you, that you enjoy eating them today and the rest of the week.

Water Thins

It turns out that after giving so many laps, a glass of water helps you lose weight. It does not burn fat, it simply cleanses your organism of toxins, it improves the general functioning of all the organs and it satisfies. All these benefits with zero calories. So, why not incorporate it into your daily routine? Take the habit of carrying a half-liter bottle with water wherever you go. You will notice that your body takes a breath, fresh air every time you take a few sips of water. You plan to go for a walk, take the water with you, because it helps to have more resistance and prevents muscle cramps. Although it is only water, the stomach reacts and for its work it demands energy to the body that makes fat burn. So if you drink water, eat less, burn more fat than you consume and detoxify your body. He has convinced me … and you?

Eat More Times During the Day

The idea of ​​eating less or not eating to lose weight is an old notion that does not work. Not only do you suffer, but you also do badly to the organism and at the end, the kilos come back in one fell swoop. So, what is the new trend that facilitates losing weight without causing harm to our health, which is ultimately the main reason why we want to lose weight?

“The fact of wanting to start a diet means that we want to look better physically and feel healthier”.

The key is to eat several times a day, the same portion you decided to eat today throughout the day, divide it into several portions. This way you will not feel uncontrolled cravings for food and your mood will not vary as much. Before each serving take a glass of water and try to make the portion look plentiful by incorporating vegetables that bulge in your plate. What you see is important for your brain. In this way you will achieve more satiety at the cost of fewer calories.

Recipes for Diets

Now we are going to talk about what are the replacements that you should do in some recipes for diets to enhance your goal of losing weight in a healthy way.

Plate Always Full

If you see the plate full of food, your brain will probably translate it to satiety when you finish it. For this you have to change the size of the plate for a smaller one and change some foods. For example, try to decrease the carbohydrate and protein portions and add more vegetables. Serve a smaller piece of meat than you are used to and incorporate more salad. If you eat with other people, take the opportunity to share the dessert with them.

Preparation of the Menus

It is vital to add each component that we incorporate into the menu and choose them intelligently. Milanesas are not forbidden, but you can make them healthier if you incorporate chili and green onions in the batter, chopped next to the bread crumbs. Much better if accompanied by salads or vegetable sauces and if the meat instead of veal is chicken or fish.


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