6 Morning Errors Which Prevents You from Losing Weight!

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Skipping breakfast or not making a correct choice of food early in the day can be one of the mistakes that are preventing us from achieving our ideal weight. Morning habits play a very important role for those who are trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Although many tend to overlook it, those first practices of the day are crucial to have an optimal level of energy and a good metabolic rate. In fact, one of the reasons why there are difficulties to lose weight is because, during this time, mistakes are made that interfere with the results of diet and exercise. For this reason it is essential to identify it and, of course, take the necessary measures to correct it before they become an obstacle. Next we want to share in detail the 6 main ones so that you do not hesitate to correct them now.

Morning Errors that Prevent you from Losing Weight

1. You Sleep “5 More Minutes”

Upon awakening it is common to feel that need to sleep “5 minutes more” in order to get out of bed and feel active. However, it is a not so favorable habit to lose weight, especially if it lasts more and more time. Those minutes in which you sleep more could be used to have a good breakfast, or, do a little exercise. Even the ideal is to wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual, to put into practice a habit that helps improve the metabolism rate.

  • Of course, it is important to have a good quality of sleep, not less than 7 hours a day.

2. Do not Hydrate Your Body

This is one of the most frequent errors and it is also one of those that generate the most negative impact. During the rest period the body uses liquids for many of its processes and, for this reason, upon awakening there is a certain degree of dehydration.

  • The water consumption in the morning hours, right after we get out of bed, helps us to rehydrate the body so that it works without difficulties throughout the day.
  • The benefits are greater if you add lemon juice or a depurative plant.

3. Do Not Eat a Good Breakfast

Not devoting enough time to eat a good breakfast is the main reason why the diet fails when losing weight.

“This first meal is essential to maintain a good functioning of the metabolism and, in addition, is the one that provides the body with energy”.

Replacing breakfast with a coffee with cookies slows down the metabolism and prevents weight loss. The situation is the same when ignored with the belief of “saving calories”. A good breakfast should represent 25% of the total daily calorie intake.

  • This must contain protein, fiber and carbohydrate sources.
  • It is also essential to add antioxidants and, if possible, omega 3 fatty acids.

4. You Do Not Have a Good Breakfast Schedule

The time you have breakfast also has a lot to do with the benefits that this gives your body and metabolism. If you choose to eat it too late, the hunger hormones are activated in an uncontrolled way and, probably, you end up making bad food choices. Among other things, it makes the metabolism slow down to burn calories and fat.

5. Eat Unhealthy Snacks

To maintain active metabolism and, by the way, avoid morning fatigue, the intake of mid-morning snacks is recommended. These small meals give the body extra energy and nutrients so that it can continue its work without difficulties. The problem is that many do not know how to choose them and end up eating foods full of calories and artificial substances.

  • It is not good to consume breads, chips or drinks full of cream and calories.
  • The ideal is to consume pieces of fruits and vegetables, or bars of whole grain.

6. You Stress at Work

During the first hours of the working day it is common to feel a slight sensation of pressure for all the activities that must be fulfilled during the day. Not knowing how to handle it correctly can end up in too much stress and, although you may not believe it, it can also interfere with your weight loss plan. When a lot of stress occurs the body releases more amount of cortisol, a type of hormone that, in addition to affecting mood, interferes with metabolism. Continuous exposure to this is related to a greater tendency to accumulate abdominal fat. Are you making any of these mistakes in your morning? If you have just identified it, try to correct it as soon as possible so that it does not affect your body weight. The practice of healthy habits, especially in terms of diet and physical activity, is the best way to achieve rapid and permanent results.

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