Awesome Weekly Plan Diet to Lose Fat in a Healthy Way!

It is possible that you have tried multiple diets to lose weight and although you do them correctly, they only serve you at the beginning, you do not get the effects that you expected or worse, you have gained weight! And is that eating less is the mistake that is committed because it does not make us lose weight if we do not do well, if our body gets used to eating little will save as a reserve everything, we give in case there is no more tomorrow.

“The way to lose weight is having a good diet and doing sport, even if it is moderate”.

That is why this diet to lose fat may surprise you, because far from limiting the food we eat, it will cost you everything you eat. In addition to carrying out the five daily meals and eating everything that we indicated in this weekly plan you should do sports. The first two days you can do soft exercises, such as walking for half an hour or doing exercises at home with arms or abs, since these are the days that we will least eat, but from the third our body will have enough energy to demand more and we can Do 60-90 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Diet to Lose Fat

After a time of excess, we can feel too heavy and swollen, and if you feel that what is accumulating around the body are no longer liquids but you have more fat than you would like to see this plan for a week can be of great help. You just need to metalize about the situation, the objectives you want to achieve and have willpower. In addition to the diet that we indicate you can add on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast, the juice of half a lemon diluted in a glass of water, will help eliminate toxins as well as having a great diuretic effect among its properties. Now we go to the mess:

Diet to Lose Fat

 Day 1:

We are going to start our diet to lose fat with a first depurative day to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in our body.

  • Breakfast: A yogurt skimmed with oatmeal, an apple (do not remove the skin) and a rooibos tea.
  • Half morning: A raw carrot of the size you want and a small bowl of cheese, burgos, of the small ones.
  • Food: Salad of brown rice with roasted onion and fresh spinach, 100 grams of grilled tofu and a roasted apple.
  • Snack: A yogurt skimmed with a spoonful of wheat germ and three prunes.
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup with onion, celery, zucchini and lemon juice, and four slices of natural pineapple.

Day 2:

After a first day eliminating toxins, we will recharge our energies, to be able to give all of us in the exercise we perform and burn fat more quickly.

  • Breakfast: A natural orange juice, a cup of red tea, a toast of whole wheat bread with sliced ​​tomatoes and a little extra virgin olive oil.
  • Midmorning: An apple and two crab sticks. If you want you can chop everything and make a kind of salad.
  • Food: Grilled chicken breast with steamed green beans and two tangerines.
  • Snack: A skimmed yogurt with five natural almonds, with skin and without salt. The almonds will provide you with energy and are satiating, which will prevent snacking before dinner.
  • Dinner: Cabbage salad with onion, carrot and celery, dressed with olive oil, omelet with an egg and a piece of fruit that you want.

Day 3:

By day three we will introduce blue fish that, in addition to being a great source of protein, have a large amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Breakfast: A natural orange juice, a skimmed yogurt, an apple (which you can chop and mix with the yogurt, its delicious), a toast of whole wheat bread with smoked salmon and a cup of Earl Gray tea.
  • Midmorning: One pear and five almonds.
  • Food: Cooked broccoli salad and diced tomato seasoned with olive oil, grilled chicken breast and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: A yogurt skimmed with wheat germ and three prunes.
  • Dinner: Tomato salad with mozzarella cheese, dressed with olive oil and a touch of oregano. A slice of grilled tuna and a piece of fruit.

Day 4:

The egg at breakfast will satisfy us a lot, help us burn fat and also increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood.

  • Breakfast: One egg omelet (if you want you can add a spicy touch with a little chili or cayenne pepper), a toast of whole wheat bread, four slices of natural pineapple and a cup of black tea with lemon.
  • Midmorning: One skimmed yogurt and two tangerines.
  • Food: Chickpea salad (already cooked) with chopped tomato and mozzarella cheese, a grilled swordfish steak and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: A skim yogurt with five natural nuts.
  • Dinner: broccoli salad, carrot and a small cooked potato. Baked turkey leg with natural tomato and a piece of fruit.

We Continue with the Diet to Lose Fat, Day 5:

The lentils will help us to have a good digestion and replace fat with muscle. They also provide us with iron and vegetable protein.

  • Breakfast: A natural orange juice, a skimmed yogurt, a hard-boiled egg and a cup of rooibos tea.
  • Mid-morning: An apple (with its skin) and two crackers.
  • Food: Salad of cooked lentils with grilled aubergines, fresh spinach and carrots; Hake grilled and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: A glass of milk with oat flakes and three prunes.
  • Dinner: Lettuce salad with goat cheese and red fruits, grilled turkey breast and a piece of fruit.

Day 6:

If you are lucky enough to fight on Saturday you can take advantage of outdoor exercise such as cycling, hiking, running … And if you can also go dancing at night you will eliminate fat in the most fun way.

  • Breakfast: A natural orange juice, a natural yogurt with oats, raisins and an apple, and a cup of red tea.
  • Midmorning: A piece of fruit and an energy bar. Perfect to carry if you dare to leave.
  • Food: Salad of brown rice with fresh rolled mushrooms dressed with olive oil and chopped parsley. Steamed mussels and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: A whole toast with olive oil and sliced ​​tomatoes, and a banana.
  • Dinner: Lettuce salad with prawns, crab sticks, canned tuna and corn. A grilled beef steak and a piece of fruit.

Day 7:

Sunday is the day to give us a whim, which is not at odds with this diet if they are “allowed” whims that you do not charge of conscience and enjoy.

  • Breakfast: A natural orange juice, two toasted bread with olive oil, sliced ​​tomato and ham, a kiwi and rooibos tea.
  • Midmorning: A natural yogurt and two tangerines.
  • Appetizer (because you deserve it!): A beer or a glass of wine with pickles.
  • Food: Potato salad cooked with boiled egg, canned tuna, onion and chopped tomato. Baked sea bass and fruit sorbet (both natural and alcohol-free)
  • Snack: An apple and homemade popcorn (not microwave) without salt.
  • Dinner: Cauliflower cooked with carrot, grilled pork chop and a piece of fruit.