Tips to Lose Weight Without Depriving Yourself to Eat!

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Losing weight without great sacrifices is possible. Change some habits at lunchtime and you will see amazing results, less kilos without depriving yourself of food. It’s about eating smart. Many people have at some point the will to lose weight. However, nobody wants to deprive himself of food. And, certainly, many people dodge physical activity. So, is it possible to lose weight while eating and without physical activity? It is possible to lose weight by eating properly. In addition, it is healthier and more effective in the long term than resorting to miracle diets or magic pills. In this article we give you tips that will help you lose weight without stopping to eat, that is, learn to eat in a more intelligent way. However, this must be accompanied by physical activity. Not only to improve but for a health issue.

Ways to Lose Weight without Depriving Yourself of Food

There is no point in losing weight if we do not do it with common sense and taking into account our health. That’s why in this article we share tips to lose weight eating smartly. In this way, also the digestive system and health in general benefit.

Drink Water Before Eating

Drinking a glass of water half an hour before the meal activates our digestive system and gives us a feeling of fullness, which helps us to eat more slowly and less anxiously.

“This simple remedy makes one feel satisfied eating less”.

Also, do not suffer because you have to stop eating when, in other circumstances, you have continued eating.

Chew More

We have heard it on numerous occasions and yet, when we are at the table we forget. We must chew the food more, until we can almost drink it.  Not only because it is much healthier for the digestive system, but because that way we eat less and absorb nutrients much better.

Mix Less

We may eat very healthy foods. However, if we combine them incorrectly, beyond the calories they have, they can gain more weight, since the stomach has to work harder to digest them.

Some of the most inconvenient mixtures are the following:

  • Fruits in food, especially sweets and citrus. The apple and the pear can be eaten.
  • The milk with other foods.
  • The meat with the fish.

Try to make simpler meals, combining a vegetable part, some carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potato, etc.) and a portion of protein (meat, fish, legume, egg).


Desserts often spoil a healthy meal because we eat them right after a full meal. They hinder digestion and the body stores them directly as reserves. Our proposal is to replace the dessert with an infusion and eat it a few hours later, in the middle of the afternoon, as a snack. If it is a dessert with a high content of fat or sugar, we suggest you accompany it with an apple, since the fiber of this fruit will minimize its harmful effects.

Have a Good Breakfast

We can have breakfast early or mid-morning, but we should not skip this meal People who do not eat breakfast to lose weight may not have realized that your body needs those nutrients and that, if you do not receive them in the morning, will claim them as long day. Eating in the morning is much less fattening than doing it in the afternoon or evening, a time when we are almost not going to spend energy. In addition, it will allow us to dine less, which, in effect, contributes to losing weight. We recommend that you eat breakfast every day and, if possible, that you include nutritious and satisfying foods such as oats, nuts, fruit, wholemeal bread, etc.

Add Spices

Some culinary spices should always be at hand in the kitchen, as in addition to having medicinal properties and flavor the dishes; they are also excellent remedies to lose weight. This is because they increase the body’s metabolism, which allows us to burn more calories without making any changes in our routine. The spices that have this virtue are ginger and cayenne. We can use them in all kinds of stews, soups, creams, smoothies, desserts, infusions, etc.


In summary, to lose weight you must generate healthy habits that not only consist of eating less. And, undoubtedly, physical activity would be an ideal complement to lose weight and to maintain your general health.


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